Brief: Wild Sol was a program created to offer tutoring sessions and workshops to small businesses.

The main goal was to showcase the services offered, allowing possible clients to book their services online.


Design Process
The owner of Wild Sol was looking for a website that allowed customers to quickly book their services online. The company didn't have much content predefined at the moment, so I focused on designing a clean interface that provided potential clients with some basic information about the timeframe of the session and what to expect from them. 
To achieve this, I separated their content into the four main categories that they offered: Education, Farming, Fitness, and Meditation. We also decided to incorporate different options under each category, from a 1h workshop to a 16-week course. 
Given that booking was the most important aspect of the system, each section had its own CTA to schedule a session. 
I also added a blog section where the company could periodically upload new content relevant to the industry, and created a mailing list to capture new leads.
Below I have added some screenshots of how the sections looked like.
The company was satisfied with UX approach and the UI execution, and can now rely on the website as one of their main platforms to receive new leads and schedule sessions.​​​​​​​
Thanks for reading! If you would like to collab make sure the get in touch. ;)
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