Landing page design: A site created for lead capture
Brief: Luxury real estate agent Eric Ellis was looking to create a static landing page to increase his online exposure and get more leads.

The main goal was is convert site visitors into leads. To achieve this we had to gather visitor's contact information in a clear and effective manner. 

Design Process
I created a minimalist landing page with a hero picture of Eric. This allowed visitors to see him before deciding to input their personal information, creating rapport and a sense of trust unconsciously. 
The design was clean and action focused, including only the necessary information. A call to action was added right below the hero text, leading users to the inquiry form that captured the essential information needed to get in touch with them. 
The design of the secondary page kept the same clean structure and look and feel, going straight to the point and asking for the minimum required. 
Both pages had links to his social media profiles in order to build more trust, and also as a secondary form of contact in case that visitors didn't want to input their information. The links where placed in the bottom right corner not to be too distracting, which would work against the main goal.
The client was satisfied with the aesthetic result and is now able to analyze the activity generated by the URL using click-through rates and conversion rate to determine the success of his page.​​​​​​​
Thanks for reading! If you would like to collab make sure the get in touch. ;)
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